Work > Stone Ocean & Sky

Stone, Ocean & Sky
Turn into each other as
Landscape turns to dreamscape

2012 Thesis Collection by Ashley Eva Brock

Winner of Surface Magazine's 2012 Emerging Talent Award

This collection explores fluidity and impermanence through a fluctuating transition among physical elements, and between the waking and dreaming realms. I am inspired by the elements of stone, ocean and sky, representing the states of solid, liquid and vapor, as well as by the sculptural works of fiber artist Sei Kyota. I use natural fibers, and dye the fabrics with plant dyes in ocean water. The reason for the ocean water is threefold: it reduces the use of our limited fresh water unnecessarily diverted to textile dyeing, naturally contains metal ions (which are necessary to bind the dye to the fiber), and infuses the garments with the energy of the ocean.