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This is a new practice of mine to have a supportive group planning session once a week for myself and other artists/freelancers who are their own bosses and struggle with keeping a structure and routine. This can be used with analog methods: pieces of paper or a journal with different colored pens and a physical planner, all on your computer with docs and online calendar (I use Google Calendar) or some combo of the two mediums. Feel free to use this structure on your own or with a group!

Sunday Planning

Write out the vision of a balanced, healthy, productive, fulfilling week. What does it look like? How do you feel? Really sink into it and write out the details.

Make lists using different color pens/fonts or separate documents:

Work goals: list out the projects that need to be done, and the broken down tasks under each project. Add any deadlines here.
Self care goals: include daily ritual stuff, therapy/therapeutic practice, spiritual practice, as well as exercise, sleep goals (bedtime, waking time, nap time), journaling, meditation, bathtime
Social needs: one-on-ones, co-working, group hangs, and events
Errands/appointments/admin: general to do list stuff including cleaning, doctors, mechanics, bills, fixing stuff, shopping, etc
Internal boundaries/rules: breaking unhealthy habits and implementing healthy ones. Like limiting phone usage, food stuff, alcohol, procrastination habits, and other rules like no gossiping/shit-talking, or feeding into doom thoughts. Offer yourself alternatives for these habits in the moment, like breathing exercises, awareness meditation, writing, physical exercise/stretching, making gratitude lists, texting a friend something sweet, mantras, etc. This isn't a to-do list per se, just a list of things you want to focus on and adjust this week.

Take those lists, keeping with their corresponding colors, and place items in time slots for the week ahead in your calendar. For things that are not scheduled per se, have tasks on a daily to-do list. The last one (internal boundaries) is not task-oriented, but keep that list visible throughout the week. Maybe hang it somewhere highly visible or set it as the background on your phone

Pick one major thematic focus for the week like:
Radical Acceptance (see: Tara Brach)
Leaning away from distraction
Fun and lightness
Sitting through grief and other tough feelings without numbing/distracting
Creative input
Creative output

Sunday Planning