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Stream. Line.

Streamlined Reuse by Ashley Eva Brock

Winning Submission in 2011 Fashioning the Future Awards

We are practically buried in cast off clothing. Only about one fifth of the clothing donated to charities is actually sold in thrift shops. We have a plethora of textiles to re-work with, but many solutions to creative repurposing need the designer’s eye and hand present in the entire reconstruction process of each garment. This poses many challenges as opposed to conventional cutting and assembling pattern pieces from flat yardage in a production setting. My solution uses one simple, interlocking pattern piece to maximize reuse of cast off garments. These pieces can then be reassembled in a streamline fashion to create complex, varied, intriguing garments in a factory setting in a consistent manner. The same pattern piece in small, medium and large scales can be used to create jackets, capes, jumpsuits, pants, dresses, shirts and many other garments with varying designs in each category. The shape of this pattern piece is very simple but has the capability of creating a varied range of silhouettes and volume by the way it’s pieced together.

Note: because of its interlocking nature, this pattern piece and subsequent designs can also be applied as a low to zero waste pattern waste solution if used with new, flat yardage. A happy realization after this project was completed.